Monday, May 22, 2006


I've been reading Wendy's blog since last March. Besides the fact that her knitting is incredible, her blog is one of my favorite because her writing is so enjoyable. She posts five days a week and every single one of them is a delight. I was so pleased when I found out she was coming to New York to sign her book.

So on Sunday, I went to Knitty City to attend her book signing. I was such a dork! I couldn't go up to say hello until towards the end when it was time for signing. I was just really shy and nervous and embarrassed. What was I thinking?! She was very nice to me anyway and let me take a picture with her.

Anyway, so Wendy read from her book, answered questions and talked to all of us. Time went by quick of course. She also showed us her qiviut wrist warmers. They are unbelievable! Qiviut is so soft and delicate, it is so beautiful. Kay took a picture of it here. Yes! Kay was there! It was really nice meeting her, too.


I've been knitting Orangina for the past few days. I'm using Rowan 4 ply cotton in "provence". I really didn't need to start this when I'm already in the middle of so many projects. But I saw Felicia cast on for it and I couldn't help myself.


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