Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Seven Facts

I've been tagged by Jade this seven facts meme that's been going around. Here's seven random (maybe boring) facts about me...

1. I am a citizen of Venezuela who grew up in Hong Kong and now living in New York City. I can't speak Spanish.

2. I have to keep all my knitting books and magazines in their pristine condition. I love that my collection is very well kept. I would not let any of them be lying around when non-knitting guests come over to the house in case they might carelessly flip through my precious pages clumsily and make creases all over.

3. I like to have a pattern in mind before I go yarn shopping. It's fun for me to shop for a pattern and then look for the yarn to go with it. I like to have just the right amount for a project or have as little leftovers as possible. I feel that if I have the yarn first, I'm afraid I would not have enough or have too much that I'd be reluctant to knit the project and then feel bad about having extras. There are exceptions of course, I don't mind stocking up on lace yarns.

4. I prefer tea over coffee. But I do enjoy cafe mocha occasionally.

5. I absolutely hate thick and thin bulky type yarns. Yes, I hate thick needles, too. I avoid knitting with needles bigger than a US7.

6. Whenever the weather is sunny and warm, I'm always in the mood to go biking or taking long walks with my husband.

7. I like to frame my favorite photos of me and my husband together and also favorite vacation photos to decorate the house with.

For anyone who's interested in this meme, consider yourself tagged!



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