Tuesday, December 19, 2006


"Isla" from Rowan's A Season's Tale

A few months ago, I started making the Isla sweater from Rowan's A Season's Tale. I stopped after I completed about an inch of ribbing when I realized I wasn't enjoying it. The problem was that I couldn't stand the Yorkshire Tweed 4-ply yarn that I was using. It's not a bad yarn or anything, it just felt dry and slow to knit. I will save this yarn for a future project with a specific pattern that demands tweed. That will be more suitable. I do understand that Kim Hargreaves probably intended this sweater to be tweedy, but her designs are not only beautiful, they're versatile.

I was just talking about Isla with Blossom the other day and that conversation reinvigorated my interest for this beautiful raglan sweater! I'm looking forward to making it again. But this time, with a different yarn. So I went to Purl and bought some RYC Cashsoft 4-ply in a wonderful shade of rosy pink and a dark brown as the constrasting color used for the hem.

RYC Cashsoft 4-ply "mosaic" & "bark"

I will very likely begin making this as soon as I'm done with Jarrett. Speaking of Jarrett, here's a progress photo. The back is done and I'm in the middle of a sleeve right now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the new colors. It's always hard for me to accept I don't love what I'm knitting, but in the end it's better to knit what you love. Hope you enjoy the cashsoft!

12/19/2006 12:28 PM  
Anonymous mote said...

The Cashsoft looks lovely. I had a similar experience knitting with Rowan Summer Tweed - it took me forever to finish a simple tank just because I wasn't really enjoying the feel of the yarn. I love the final product though. =)

12/19/2006 12:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you have re-ignited my interest in isla. i have had some now long discontinued rowanspun 4ply in my stash for hmm.... i think 3 years to make this project. i am going to be avidly tracking your progress and you never know you just might inspire me to cast on in the not too distant future.

12/31/2006 7:02 PM  
Anonymous knitting bandit said...

I absolutely love those colors together! Great choice. Your stitches look perfect on your husbands sweater, very imp[ressive.

1/09/2007 10:37 PM  
Blogger Judith said...

I bought discontinued rowanspun 4ply to make this because I love the colours and the soft feel of the yarn once knitted, but I also found the experience made my hands dry and the yarn breaks a lot. So I'm making it now with Jaeger Matchmaker 4ply which has also been discontinued. My reading of the patterns is that Bonny is almost DK at 23 st to 10cm and Isla is a true 4-ply. I'd love to see your version when you get around to making it again! I think many of the designs in A Season's Tale are classics and we'll be making them for years. Judith (London).

9/21/2007 6:39 AM  

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