Friday, October 27, 2006


My Kim Hargreaves kit arrived this week! It took only 4 days to get here. I'm very happy that it arrived so quickly. I can't wait to cast on. I've decided to take this project with me to Europe next week. Yes, I'm taking a vacation to Europe for two weeks. A project is the first thing a knitter packs, right? :) It'll be my first time visiting Europe, my first stop will be London for two days. I'll also be travelling to France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and Austria.

Icarus progress

The tail design is now visible. I just completed chart 2 and have 40 more rows to go before I do the edging. The rows are getting longer and longer. I'm at the beginner of chart 3 and have over 403 stitches on the needle right now. I wonder if I can finish this before I leave for Europe.